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Tek PeTek Pe Engineers offers a complete range of structural engineering services to architects, developers, building owners and government agencies throughout California.

Since its opening in 1980, the firm has established an impressive record of appropriate, timely and cost-effective solutions to a variety of design problems.



Project Previews

Saint Joseph's Church
Los Banos, California

The majestic and ornate 8,000 square foot sanctuary flanked by support offices is framed with steel roof trusses and steel stud walls. Lateral resistance is provided through steel moment frames. The prismatic-shaped bell tower ascends to a height of 86 feet. Picture below - See More
Palo Alto House
Palo Alto, California

Unique 6000 square foot residence designed by renowned Bay Area architect uses a rich combination of glass, wood, steel and concrete. An opaque two-story cast-in-place concrete wall creates privacy along the street in contrast with a glass curtain wall on the garden side, dramatically extending interior spaces to the outside. Picture below - See More
St. Joseph's Church
Palo Alto House

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